Tuesday, June 30, 2009

a kiss from danny's grandmother (wife side)

happy birthday my son, originally uploaded by prepaidboss.

danny received a kiss from his grandmother.
the photo was taken during a celebration of danny's 5th birthday. actually i didnt plan anything, it was planned by a person who babysit danny, his grandmother also (my wife's aunt).

Danny first week to school

image499.jpg, originally uploaded by prepaidboss.

time passed by and without i even aware, my son was on his way to school... kindergarten!!
5 years with me, it seems that he started to grow up as a boy, a fine young boy!!
luckily for me, every each moments were captured!!
the power of digital camera made everything so possible!!
for those who have not start this hobby (snapping photos) dont regret yourself!!
FLICKR is a great place to start for!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Growing pains

Sometimes, when i saw how close danny with my wife, it just made me jealous or envy..
Maybe i didnt really understand, the relationship between a mother and a son..
Its really hard to explain in words. And danny knew it.. Hes dominating the situation right now... And i will observe the situations.. I will make sure danny is not over everyone' head!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Danny and his vcds

I brought danny to a shopping complex,along with his great grandma and grandma.
Once reached, we were at different places following our interests.
Danny will be at the friendly records where he will find a variety of cartoons vcds, whereas i,myself stood and mesmerized the temptation of big screen lcd tvs..
50 inch or 42 inch will fit nicely in my living room..alas the price remained at halt!
Recently i realised, i couldnt hold my temper when danny did something wrong, i will hit the roof.. Haih, i m not suppost to do that..maybe im not a really A grade father but i always vow everyday to be one!
*hopefully tomorrow will be better than today...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Leisure time for danny and posing time for me.

Danny was enjoying himself, swaying here and there...
I try to lullaby but he asked to stop! Haha.. Maybe his father's voice was out of tune...
i took him to meet his grandma....
And he was lucky enough to be having a great grandmother and a grandmother.

Danny and ECPI

Danny loves to drink ecpi....
Everytime we buy, he will choose the small bottle for him..
Ecpi is good for both of us!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Against my son in dragonball psp game

Haha, my wife snapped this photo while were fighting each other, in psp game..dragonball..
Both in serious concentration...
Danny as usual...wanted to win all the times but it was not an easy task to beat his father...
Blue psp is for me and the red is for danny....
To be able to share same interest with danny is something delightful...
I think danny suspected something fishy when he realised his father's fighters were rather strong!
(haha... He didnt know, i did download a save game, 100% unlocked!)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Danny and his friend,aiman

As usual every evening, three of us will be sitting at the same spot..beside kospek..
There are two reasons for doing that..
1. Dinner
2. Chance for danny to meet his friend, aiman.
When i compare two of them.. I realise, danny should be lucky enough as his parents are capable to fulfill most of his desires/needs.
For aiman, he has to look after his younger brother as both of his parents are busy preparing dishes for their customers(including us).
Aiman wil undestand more about life..

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Trying to be the best father

My son is 5 years old..
Growing active,talkative and demanding.
Haih, and im still grapping in the dark when it comes to understand what he needs..
I need to spend more time with him.. Play with him,listen when he talks and to view clearly from his angles..
Last school holiday was the best moments for both of us..
As i was on holiday, i decided not to send him to the nursery..
He will stay with me for 2 weeks..
From dusk to dawn, danny is with me...
At the end... I realised my Bp shoot up!
Alas... Time to sleep... Continue later...

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Upload one of danny's favourite.

Danny's favourites

Danny loves fruits very much.
Inside our fridge, there must be fruits standby for him...
At least apples will be there.
Mangosteen,mangoes and rambutans/durians are his favourites.
Haih, so sleepy... Tomorrow ill continue...

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Today, its a father day...
As a treat to myself.. I take danny and my beloved wife to teluk intan giant.. At first i plan to have dinner at the ghulam rasul (mamak) as it has been quite a long time we didnt enjoy the great taste of beriyani rice and curry... But they closed.... Haih... So, i travel further up and i see Giant Superstore... And end up there...
Well... We didnt spend much there, just a table fan for me (the old fan was broken because i kicked it while sleeping, i was having a great dream... Kungfu fighter, huhu...)
For danny, a ball and for my wife... She choosed a pair of slippers....
My eyes glue to the glass windows and i see... McDonald.. I take them to dine at McDonald.. As usual, danny will choose happy meal... Big Mac for me.... And Mchicken for my wife....

Friday, June 19, 2009

A young photographer

My son shares the same interest with me. We both love to snap photos. Maybe this is because he had seen me taking some photos using my nokia n85 or sony cybershot.. To be frank, im not good with kid (to fulfill/entertain).. But im ready to learn... I have no experience at all.. Yet, danny will always create new "lessons" for me to be learned..almost everyday...
If we care and love our child/ren.. Than same it goes to our parents..

Fwd: Having a meeting with danny's teacher

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Date: Fri, Jun 19, 2009 at 11:36 PM
Subject: Having a meeting with danny's teacher
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Last thursday, me and my wife went to sk datuk kelana. The school organised an open day for parents to meet teachers. I was so eager to attend as it was my first time to be welcomed as a father of my son daniel.
Danny was excited when he saw both of us were there. He was colouring on something, as usual, not his favorite!
Then its our turn to face the teacher, mr sanusi... Still young at age and made me wonder how he manage to coop with the situations( handling small kids)
The moment of truth at last revealed.. Danny is at the average level of achievement... Not bad really for 5 years old kid... And his english was better than the other subjects!
More years to come....
More experiences to be faced for....

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Danny will learn iqra'

Today, i buy a book... Iqra for danny as next week he will use the book... He will learn how to recite and many things to come....