Thursday, July 30, 2009

Danny had fever

Danny was not feeling well, he had fever.. This worried me..
My wife had taken him to see the doctor.. He said maybe danny might be having chicken pox.. We have to wait for the next two days to see whether there will be any symptoms of chicken pox.. At this very moment, his body temperature is quite high..

Its sleepless situation for my wife and i...


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

mother and son

mother and son v2, originally uploaded by Kulop Ludin.

i always salute my wife for being so energetic to raise our son danny....
no doubt, danny is closer to his mother than me.

mother and son

it seemed danny felt more comfortable with his mother....> if he wished for something usually he would ask his mother first then later with me...

what to do no tripod!

Monday, July 27, 2009

My new watch

I went to a shopping complex. Danny needed a new tumbler and my wife wanted to buy groceries.

As everyone headed to their own sections.. My eyes glued to the glass window displaying watches.. The movements of my eyes were based on the price tags.. So they stopped at this particular watch.. Adidas.. This time adidas captured my heart.. My old watch, timberland had betrayed me many times.. It didnt show the correct time anymore...


Saturday, July 25, 2009

just me and you

just me and you, originally uploaded by Kulop Ludin.

we went to cameron highlands.
it was not our plan but my grandma invited me to join her along with my uncles.
to be frank, CH is not my cup of tea. My previous experienced taught me well. Tanah Rata or Cameron Highlands is not suitable for me. its a cool place that i feel hard to breath normally.

Yet,i agreed. and now.. im typing under thick blankets....

tea at tanah rata / cameron highlands
enjoying the tea from high latitiud..

cameron highlands / tanahrata
my wife and danny(as usual..he was playing PSP!!

tanah rata / cameron highlands
my grandma,rest for a while

Thursday, July 23, 2009

As time goes by...

Am i getting old?
I think i am....another 2 years i will be in the group of 40... I didnt realise time passes by swiftly, without warning i feel that i have done less than more... One of them is being a father at the early age.... Right now.. Danny is watching his favourite cartoon, the backyardigans ... And it is raining heavily outside with roaring thunders... Im waiting the right time to make a move...

Yesterday... I read some news regarding a well known film maker, yasmin ahmad collapsed due to stroke.. She is 51 years old... Em... It served as a reminder to me....

Haih... The rain stopped it was time for me to continue my life..

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The biggest challenge

My wife and i faced the biggest challenge of all..
How to increase danny's appetite.. .it was hard to make him enjoyed his food.. he seemed to enjoy junkies rather than daily meals...

We did give him multivitamins with lycin hopefully it will help to boost his appetite, it worked well at the beginning but not now.... Everytime when we went to any pharmacies.. I will look through of any multivites that suit him...again.. Not for long he will refuse to eat them..

Haih... Its nearly 2 am... Im so sleepy... Maybe i should update this blog a bit early next time...


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Travelled a bit further

I took danny to a playground but this time it was not at the same place... We travelled a bit further.. We went to r and r tapah... It is situated at the north and south highway..

Once reached... Danny was jumping with joy. He did remember every corners of that place..

We spent about 2 hours and most of the time was for him.. We let him played see saw,slider and not to mention.. Swing...

Monday, July 20, 2009


I received a phone call from danny's mother... My wife told me that danny was crying on his way to his class... It seemed that danny was still unable to adjust himself with his new friends (danny's class teacher had moved him from his usual seat)

so to settle the problem.. I had to send one sms to danny's class teacher.. Informing him regarding the above matter.. Later he moved danny to his usual place again... Danny was so happy...


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday morning breakfast...

My love towards my wife and my son sometimes is higher than any tallest buildings that can be found anywhere around this world....

Thats why we had breakfast outside... We went to restaurant haji in tapah... It has been quite a long time i didnt set my foot there...

As usual.. I ordered roti canai (a thin slice of bread made from wheat flour.) and beef curry.. Mixed them together.. So that i can taste,the real taste of mamak's curry.. And it was great indeed.. (it made me rushing to the toilet afterwards)

as for danny.. He just ate the biscuits... Haih.. It was hard to make him eating unless he asked for it... By the way, later on..he finished a roti canai.. Good for him.. Huhu...

Ein.. Too sleepy for tomorrow i have to work...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Night market

Haih... It has been ages since i updatee this blog... As usual its due to my other obligations which i hardly endure...

We went to night market at tapah... Danny bought a few items as usual.. His sweets and titbits... My wife with her usual items also... Fast food.. And i myself... Only a chicken kebab..

Later danny asked me to buy him a tshirt, i wanted to buy him a jersey..but he insisted on a wonder pets tshirt.. And he won...

From what i saw... Danny didnt show any interests to buy toys.. Maybe none of them suited him.. Or maybe he had bigger fish to be fried for.. Huhu.. Kinda scarry to think of what your son can do to you..


Monday, July 13, 2009

Is he lonely?

Is he lonely? I always think of that.. Im not sure... He got me and his mother as friends... But as usual... He is more closer to his mother than me... I think i can live with that...

Danny had recovered from fever.. That was great... He seemed to be active than before..

But for me.. Im not feeling very well... Not sure tomorrow ill be fit to work or not... Maybe my athma started to attack me... I feel tight in my chest... Haih.... Hopefully it is only for a short time..... huhu..

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Visiting my grandma

Being malay, we are bound to many traditions.. And one of them is "not to forget the elder/est" in this case, my grandmother... Her age now is 80.. She the one who raised me as im not living with my own mother.. I was living with her nearly 31 years till i started my own family after that.... So, she is being a mother to me... And danny is lucky enough to be able to see and talk with her.... And i try to snap as many photos as i can... I know, one day... These momentos will be reflected back...

So, every fortnight.... I will visit and stay for 2 days at my grandmother's house for the past 6 years.... the distance from my house to her is about 70km and it takes around 1 hour to reach...

She is getting old and weak by days.. It really worries me.. I think it is all about love.. Love for your beloved one... Im not sure, if im capable to handle the situation if one day... She just not there anymore...

I can feel she likes danny very much and miss him if we just miss out the visiting time as planned...

Hopefully, if this blog can last for many years... For you my son.. This is the blog.. I dedicate to you...


Friday, July 10, 2009

Ben 10 sticker album

Haih, recently because of the popularity of ben10 there are many products of ben10. One of them is the sticker album.. You have to collect hundreds of stickers in order to complete the book.. And no kidding, each packet.. Consists of 6 stickers, the chances to get the same sticker is high... That will force you to buy them neverending. Same it goes with danny.. Everytime when we went to supermarkets.. He will stop at the bookshops.. Searching for ben10 stickers.. once he got what he wished for then he would release us! back then.. I used to collect stickers too.. it was not ben10 but stickers of football players... Stickers of epl players..
Ian rush. Kenny daglish to name some.. Im pretty sure i didnt finish the collection.. during that time, i had to save penny by penny.. Every weekdays, my friends and i will exchange stickers and it minimised the cost.. Life was simple back then... Its all about spending quality time with friends... Till today, once every fortnight.. Again, we will talk about the things we did 25 years ago...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Gift Of Fatherhood - Top 20 Steps To Becoming the World's Best Dad

i read an article about becoming a super dad...
good article, thanks.


There is no trick to being a good father; however, fatherhood is whatever you put into it. It comes without saying: all men have the potential to be and become great fathers, but not many succeed to an acceptable plateau. It has also been said that males are in general, busier than their female counterparts; but still, the truth remains, a schedule should not take precedence over spending quality time with your family. Corporate America will not tell you this, but family comes first, not the big job or highfalutin careers. Is this you? Ask yourself: is there anything, that I can do to be a better father to my child or children?

Also, ever wonder why some kids grow up not knowing their fathers, or show resentment toward them, even though they share the same house? Notice, I said house, not home. It is important that we distinguish the difference between house, and a home. A house is nothing more than just a building or shelter, or a place where you live. On the other hand, a home is an environment that is designed to foster the enhancement of life and happiness of those within it. Also, a home is always conducive to growth, love, caring, and sharing. Unlike a home, you can still live in a house and not do any of the above mentioned.

Here Is The Problem: The problem is because most "men-fathers" do not see the importance and or rewards in fatherhood. I call them "men-fathers" because some are men, many are fathers, but most do not know which role to play. So they put everything before the most important aspect of their lives, and hope for the best and for things to work themselves out. Bottom line, they will not unless you make it work. It must also be known that the male is the head of the female, and is therefore the head of the household. With that being said, males play a crucial role in the development of the offspring. Yes, the mother does too, but their roles are different. They nurture the offspring, while providing the atmosphere for love and harmony. In other words, they are the glue that holds the pieces together. A male may set the stage, and gather the pieces, but it is the female, or in this case, the mother which is the keeper.

Here Is The Mistake: No one is more important than the other; thus, never make this mistake by saying "mother is more important than father, or vise versa. Both parents are highly important in providing a great life for the offspring(s) and each other.

Here Is The Solution: Top 20 Steps to being a better dad.

* Before the baby is born, massage her feet and rub her belly
* Pray, and read to the baby and talk to him/her so he can know your voice
* You must go into the labor room with her, stay, and do not pass out
* You must first love yourself before you can love someone else (simple, but important)
* Learn and love to read (for self-improvement and to acquire knowledge to protect your family)
* See yourself as a creator of things, people and ideas
* Be a team player, know your role and its importance
* Support your wife, or the mother of your child/children
* Be brave and showoff your handy-man-ship around the home (it builds confidence in the female toward you)
* Try to fix things yourself before hiring external help (it makes you a better leader)
* Do not be afraid of poop, yes, poop
* Be willing to learn and change dirty diapers
* Participate in bathing your child and putting him/her to bed
* Sharpen your lullaby singing skills (it helps when putting them to sleep)
* Never wait to be told the following; we need: (diapers, formula, baby oil and power)
* Take initiative, keep a keen eye on overall household products
* Always keep an emergency stash of cash somewhere (only you should know)
* Always pay your bills on time, preferably one week in advance
* Use a calendar to schedule important dates (bills, doctor visits, birthdays)
* Never ask your wife or the child's mother for money, only if you just have to-you shouldn't because you always have emergency funds (EF)

Finally, in your pursuit to becoming a better father, do not forget, all things are possible to them who believe and work toward any desired goal. Your goal might be to spend more time with your son or daughter, or even, remember their birthdays, like Jack Nicholson in the movie "The Bucket List." It's a start. And who said you have to be perfect the first time around; no one! So why not start today? Be the hero of your family and not the zero.


Love to see them

Danny relationship with his friend, aiman is getting closer by days.. Everytime when we planned to have our meals, danny would chose aiman's stall.. My son is friendly, he can be friend with anybody except girls.. genderism i think!
Sometime, i can see his frustration expressed through his expression when i didnt respond to his needs.. Haih... maybe my fatherhood is not as greater than or at par with snoopy dog' fatherhood.
time to sleep...

Monday, July 6, 2009


I update my blog usually by the time i need to lay down.. I can reflect all the things i did during the day..
yesterday, danny insisted us to show some facial expressions based on the themes he planned.. Anger face,funny face and many more.. haih, if we didnt follow of what he said, he will pull a long face for sure.. Then the results, can be seen from the photos shown... Haha.. I wonder if my great2 grandfather did the same.. How to trace your roots? I think, ill start with my own family tree.. Hopefully danny will continue to keep the flow so that my next generations will be able to know better about me, their great2grandfather... can we live forever? Em, the answer is no but memories remains forever..

Sunday, July 5, 2009

An evening at taman malaysia

As promised, i took danny to taman malaysia, tapah. He was enjoying himself, trying all stuffs, swaying,sliding and galloping, you name it.. While, i myself became his personal bodyguard. My wife was doing few laps, hoping to lose few pounds (later, she added back). When i saw him playing alone, i felt pity for him, because he had no one to accompany him. Being the only son in the family was not an easy situation to be bear to.. I did ask him wheather he wanted a baby brother or sister.. He replied with a short and simple answer.. No! Lol.. He bears not to share! Im not sure in capable to get another child as im getting old by days.. actually, in a bit worry about danny because he cant control himself when he is in anger mode... He throws things except his psp! needless to say, he is lucky enough to 'own' a father like me, em.. Both of them, danny and my wife are lucky enough! But whatever it is, i love them both.. As a father and a husband., i thank God for blessing my life...