Friday, July 10, 2009

Ben 10 sticker album

Haih, recently because of the popularity of ben10 there are many products of ben10. One of them is the sticker album.. You have to collect hundreds of stickers in order to complete the book.. And no kidding, each packet.. Consists of 6 stickers, the chances to get the same sticker is high... That will force you to buy them neverending. Same it goes with danny.. Everytime when we went to supermarkets.. He will stop at the bookshops.. Searching for ben10 stickers.. once he got what he wished for then he would release us! back then.. I used to collect stickers too.. it was not ben10 but stickers of football players... Stickers of epl players..
Ian rush. Kenny daglish to name some.. Im pretty sure i didnt finish the collection.. during that time, i had to save penny by penny.. Every weekdays, my friends and i will exchange stickers and it minimised the cost.. Life was simple back then... Its all about spending quality time with friends... Till today, once every fortnight.. Again, we will talk about the things we did 25 years ago...

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