Sunday, July 5, 2009

An evening at taman malaysia

As promised, i took danny to taman malaysia, tapah. He was enjoying himself, trying all stuffs, swaying,sliding and galloping, you name it.. While, i myself became his personal bodyguard. My wife was doing few laps, hoping to lose few pounds (later, she added back). When i saw him playing alone, i felt pity for him, because he had no one to accompany him. Being the only son in the family was not an easy situation to be bear to.. I did ask him wheather he wanted a baby brother or sister.. He replied with a short and simple answer.. No! Lol.. He bears not to share! Im not sure in capable to get another child as im getting old by days.. actually, in a bit worry about danny because he cant control himself when he is in anger mode... He throws things except his psp! needless to say, he is lucky enough to 'own' a father like me, em.. Both of them, danny and my wife are lucky enough! But whatever it is, i love them both.. As a father and a husband., i thank God for blessing my life...

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