Monday, August 24, 2009

bazar ramadhan tapah

bazar ramadhan tapah, originally uploaded by Kulop Ludin.

we went to bazar ramadhan tapah.....
danny was excited... he was temptising with food... he choosed a lot and ate less of them... the resons were simple enough.... the food looked yummy but the taste was totally different! nevertheless the hunt for bazar ramadhan will continue for this whole month!!

dunno what its name....
tapah bazar ramadhan p3

danny bought a half bird for himself!
tapah bazar ramadhan x14

danny and his mother were choosing some kueh...
tapah bazar ramadhan x4

something to ponder during fasting month....
tapah bazar ramadhan x11

today we will hunt for food at langkap,perak... hopefully the weather will be on our side.
update tapah nak hujan lebat

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