Saturday, September 5, 2009

pizza hut giant ipoh

pizza hut giant ipoh, originally uploaded by Kulop Ludin.

as i was promised to my wife.. we went to pizza hut at giant ipoh. the place is quite near to my grandmother's house and since she was away to kuala kangsar so we had to set off earlier to tapah.
enroute to giant ipoh

it was still early for us to have our order so... we let danny to play in the playground inside the giant supermarket...
danny's favourite place at ipoh giant

i managed to keep my smile even we had to wait for more than one hour just to get our orders done!!
sole/soul provider
but at last... i cancelled the order (some of them). they told me, i cannot cancel them... huhu.. that rose my anger... dont expect me to wait for more than 1 hour just to get the taste of olio spaghetti! both parties pulled long faces.... darn!!

and my wife waited impatiently for her meal....
serious mode

but at least... we had break our fast!
pizza hut giant ipoh
close up then we can see the slice of lime....

and i also bought some ps2 games for danny.... tomorrow, his uncle chuman will bring the ps2 that he borrowed from us before!!

life is caring and love is binding.....
my son and i
what lies ahead...

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