Tuesday, September 15, 2009

tapah hari raya cookies sale!!

yup.. it was time for us.... shop till drop for hari raya cookies!!
as hari raya is just around the corner, my wife is hunting for hari raya cookies.... but most of the items she bought... were only crackers made from tapioca.....

i bought dodol mixed with durian.... wah the smell was so arousing that made my mouth watering non stop....

danny was looking at his favorite one.... that he found one!

tapah hari raya cookies sale!!

these are my favourite cookies.... pineapple tart... but i prefer hand made cookies instead of "factory based" cookies.... kinda typical but true!

tapah hari raya cookies sale!!
these are my wife favourite... crackers!

we still got a few more days to go..... i am still searching for a songkok that will fit danny comfortably..... maybe tomorrow i will travel a bit further in order to find him one...

life is caring and love is binding.....
my son and i
sole/soul provider

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